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Gifts For Dad

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  • Jumbo Sherpa Blanket (Micro-mink)
    $79.00 View Product Jumbo Sherpa Blanket (Micro-mink)
    Oversized 100% polyester super-soft 220GSM faux mink exterior with 240GSM lambswool-like lining.  Machine washable     Size: 60"w x 72"h   Decoration: Laser Packaging: Zippered Vinyl Carry Bag...

  • RhinoKoozie
    $16.00 View Product RhinoKoozie
    Size: 3 1/4"(L) x 3 7/8"(H) A stylish alternative to a regular koozie, this stainless steel drink cooler is sure to keep your drink cold. Looks and feels just like a YETI koozie at half the price!

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle
    $20.00 View Product Stainless Steel Water Bottle
    Double-wall construction, vacuum insulated. Keeps drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 15 hours. Leak-proof locking cap. Hand wash only. Follow any included care guidelines 17oz price: $20.00  26oz price: $26...

  • All Purpose Basket Cooler
    $39.00 View Product All Purpose Basket Cooler
    This insulated cooler with sturdy padded handle makes it easy for transporting to your next outing Aluminum frame and handle Velcro straps to secure flat for easy storage Front pocket Removable floor board Heat...

  • Auto Bottle Opener
    $15.00 View Product Auto Bottle Opener
    Black Aluminum Auto Bottle Opener Click here to watch our Youtube video

  • CaseBright iPhone 6/6s
    $39.99 View Product CaseBright iPhone 6/6s
    The CaseBrite offers more than just protection for your mobile device. The CaseBrite features a high-power, 200 lumen C-O-B flashlight that is up to 12x brighter than a standart smart phone light. Designed specifically to...

  • Flask and Bottle Opener Combo
    $34.00 View Product Flask and Bottle Opener Combo
    Combo includes Black Rhino Collection black leather flask and black aluminum automatic bottle opener.

  • Par Golf Collection by Rhinogift.com
    $99.00 View Product Par Golf Collection
    Golf Collection includes: Golf Score Card Holder with a pencil, Flask, Pouch, Lighter and a shot glass Items are also available individually please call RhinoGift for more information 

  • 7 Piece Pub Set by rhinogift.com
    $89.00 View Product 7 Piece Pub Set
    Whether you are getting together to watch a sporting event on television or just hanging out with family and friends, the 7pc Pub Set is a great way to kick back and enjoy your favorite frosty beverage. The set includes...

  • Bamboo Desk Buddy by rhinogift.com
    $8.00 View Product Bamboo Desk Buddy
    Sticky Notes in 2 Sizes And Colors Sticky Flags in 5 Neon Colors.  3 1/4" W x 4 1/8" H

  • Bamboo Stainless Steel Travel Mug by rhinogift.com
  • BBQ Set and Pilsner Glasses
    $189.00 View Product BBQ Set and Pilsner Glasses
    BBQ set includes: Spatula with Bottle Opener, Tongs and Fork Elegantly Engraved Wood Carrying Case 18-10 Stainless Steel Utensils with Manchurian Ash Handles FDA Compliant Stainless Implements Pilsner...

  • Beer Tasting Tray
    $39.00 View Product Beer Tasting Tray
    Functional beer-tasting set designed and engineered for professional bars, brewpubs and breweries. Includes four 6-ounce mini pilsner sampler and a 17” paddle.  Glasses are dishwasher safe. Wood paddle hand wash...

  • Beverage Holder by RhinoGift.com
    $9.00 View Product Beverage Holder
    Size: 3 3/4"  Color: Light Brown, Dark Brown     ...

  • Blanket and Cooler Ensemble
    $119.00 View Product Blanket and Cooler Ensemble
    Ensemble includes our most popular blanket and the all purpose basket cooler. Each item is also available seperately. 

  • Bluetooth Multipurpose Speaker by rhinogift.com
    $49.00 View Product Bluetooth Multipurpose Speaker
    Bluetooth multipurpose speaker. Great sound comes from this beautiful metal bluetooth speaker. It can be used for music, as a speaker phone, and has an auxiliary jack for plugging in non-bluetooth devices.Size: 2 1/4" x...

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