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Personal Items

  • Yoga Mat
    $74.00 View Product Yoga Mat
    Available in steel/blue, sea/slate, plum/slate 4 inches longer than a standard yoga mat material uses closed cell technology: germs, bacteria, and odor cannot penetrate the mat surface 5mm thick less than 2.5...

  • All Purpose Basket Cooler
    $39.00 View Product All Purpose Basket Cooler
    This insulated cooler with sturdy padded handle makes it easy for transporting to your next outing Aluminum frame and handle Velcro straps to secure flat for easy storage Front pocket Removable floor board Heat...

  • Aromatic Red Cedar Shoe Trees
    $34.00 View Product Aromatic Red Cedar Shoe Trees
    These shoe trees are a must for every golfer. Aromatic Red Cedar Shoe Trees protect the leather, fabric, stitching and soles from moisture damage, adding to their life and smoothing out creases and wrinkles that prematurely...

  • Flask and Bottle Opener Combo
    $34.00 View Product Flask and Bottle Opener Combo
    Combo includes Black Rhino Collection black leather flask and black aluminum automatic bottle opener.

  • $89.00 View Product "Cool Stool" Basket Cooler and Seat
    This 3 1/2 gallon styrofoam-insulated basket cooler doubles as a seat, it can hold up to 200 pounds (sit-on weight). This basket is great to take to the beach, park, soccer games, all your outdoor outings, and can be...

  • Acrylic Football Display Case
    $89.00 View Product Acrylic Football Display Case
    Acrylic display case with mirror back. Holds 1 regulation size football

  • Bamboo 6 Coaster Set
    $34.00 View Product Bamboo 6 Coaster Set
    3.75" by 3.75" square, stunning, smooth and sharp bamboo coaster set of six with holder base. Walnut multi tone finish. Simply sleek!

  • Bamboo BBQ Tool Set
    $99.00 View Product Bamboo BBQ Tool Set
    Barbecue year round with this bamboo tool set.  

  • Bamboo USB Drive 2G
    $22.00 View Product Bamboo Flash Drive (2G)
    Ecofriendly and durable, this bamboo-cased 2gig USB card is engraved with initials and the Princeton University logo.

  • Bamboo Flash Drive - 2G Set
  • Barclay Magnetic Luggage Tag Set by rhinogift.com
    $34.00 Barclay Magnetic Luggage Tag Set by rhinogift.com
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  • Beer Tasting Tray
    $39.00 View Product Beer Tasting Tray
    Functional beer-tasting set designed and engineered for professional bars, brewpubs and breweries. Includes four 6-ounce mini pilsner sampler and a 17” paddle.  Glasses are dishwasher safe. Wood paddle hand wash...

  • Black Rhino Wine Bag by rhinogift.com
    $22.00 View Product Black Rhino Leatherette Wine Bag
    A great way to add a personal touch on a gift bottle of wine or an elegant way to hold your favorite wine over and over again. Please call RhinoGift for details. 

  • Blanket and Cooler Ensemble
    $119.00 View Product Blanket and Cooler Ensemble
    Ensemble includes our most popular blanket and the all purpose basket cooler. Each item is also available seperately. 

  • Cedar Shoe Tree Kit
    $89.00 View Product Cedar Shoe Tree Kit
    Cedar Shoe Tree kit, includes 2 small brushes, 2 large brushes, 4 shoe polish containers, 4 shoe polish rags and a classy, engraveable cedar box.

  • Cedar Shoe Tree Pair
    $25.00 View Product Cedar Shoe Tree Pair
    Keep your shoes fresh and shaped with this pair of cedar shoe trees, 12"l x 3"w x 1"h